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In last month’s article, we covered everything to do with elementary schools near Sherwood Park homes for sale. For the month of October, we will be looking at the Junior High Schools in this area. Middle school is a big transition from elementary school, so it’s important that you choose a home that makes your child’s educational experience easier. In this list, we will detail everything you need to know about junior-high schools near Sherwood Park homes for sale. 

Junior High Schools by Sherwood Park Homes for Sale

Ardrossan Junior-Senior High

Ardrossan Junior-Senior High is perfect for those looking to move to the outskirts of Sherwood Park. This school is located 10 minutes east of Sherwood Park’s center. They teach students in grades 7-12 and offer a progressive education to all students. There are roughly 860 students and 60 staff members at Ardrossan. Moreover, the school prides itself on its high graduation completion and attendance rate. For students, there are a variety of programs to foster development inside and outside of school hours. At Ardrossan, kids can choose honours, french immersion, drama, band, and art as part of their scheduled timetable. Additionally, there’s an assortment of athletics programs so students can get involved in their community. Everything from basketball to handball is offered here at Ardrossan Junior-Senior High. To learn more about their extracurricular programs or find out more about the school click here

Grades 7-9 Only Middle Schools.

Clover Bar Junior High

Clover Bar Junior High is a more traditional middle school. In that, they offer education to students in grades 7-9. Run by Principal Colleen Alpern, this school is home to about 360 students. Here kids learn to explore all different areas of learning through a multitude of electives. Some of the elective categories include art, band, drama, technology exploration, construction, foods, and team sports. There are also plenty of support programs in place to help kids during these rocky years of growth. The school operates from 8:40 am until 3:10 pm Monday to Friday. Clover Bar Junior High is located at 50 Main Boulevard in Sherwood Park. A small 4-minute drive from the Sherwood Park Mall. If you’re interested in enrolling your child at this school, click here for more information.

Sherwood Heights Junior High 

Operated by Principal Amit Mali, the school is home to the Cougars – whose motto is “Reach For The Heights”. Kids who attend Sherwood Heights Junior High, are given a safe place to foster their learning and grow. The school offers classes to kids in grades 7-9, like most middle schools. There are 649 students in attendance at Sherwood Heights and 42 kind staff members. In addition, they have a variety of athletics teams and lunch-hour activities to get kids involved with their school community. The school is located 3 minutes from Sherwood Park Mall. Click here to discover more about Sherwood Heights Junior High.

Elementary-Junior High Schools Near Sherwood Park Homes For Sale.

Fultonvale Elementary Junior High

This school teaches students from Kindergarten through grade 9. Fultonvale is located in a rural area 15 minutes outside of Sherwood Park’s core. This allows students and staff access to large sports fields and trails right on campus! Approximately 500 students and 40 staff attend Fultonvale under Principal Jeff Spady’s supervision. Involvement and leadership are two core beliefs valued at the middle school. Classrooms are up-to-date with the latest technology including smart boards/TVs, and new projectors. Furthermore, there are tons of academic and athletic programs to get kids collaborating with one another.  Students at Fultonvale can compete in Cross-country Running, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and Track and Field. Their mascot is the Firebird and their motto is “Feel the H.E.A.T.” (Heart, Excellence, Attitude, Teamwork). This is a great school that eliminates the transitional piece of going from elementary school to junior high. For more information on Fultonvale Elementary Junior High click here.

Lakeland Ridge School

The Lakeland Ridge school is located right near Sherwood Park homes for sale. They teach kids in grades Kindergarten through grade 9. The school has the fierce mascot of a wolf and goes by the motto “Pride in our Pack”. The school emphasizes community and togetherness in all of its activities. Jeff Huculak is the Principal at Lakeland Ridge. The school uses its elementary-middle school format to teach older students about leadership. Moreover, there are lots of classes designed to accommodate all age groups and learning levels. The caring staff at Lakeland Ridge School is dedicated to ensuring the development of its students. For more information on this school please visit this website.

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Prepare your home for sale this fall

Well the fall season is now upon us in Edmonton, and this is the perfect time to get your home ready for Sherwood Park real estate.

Fall in Sherwood Park generally starts in September and stays around until about late October. The temperature is going to drop and people are going to start changing shorts and sandals, to jeans and shoes. People may be starting to focus on Sherwood Park real estate now that the summer is over. Here are some tips on what you can do to prepare your home for sale this fall.

sherwood park real estate,sherwood park real estate agents,windermere real estateYard Work
You’ll want to make sure there are no leaves or debris in your yard, especially when those leaves start falling. Make sure that any plants or trees near the house are trimmed down, so that they are not blocking any window views and let the sun shine in.


sherwood park real estate,sherwood park real estate agents,windermere real estateWindow Cleaning
Most people don’t realize that the summer can wreak havoc on your windows. As there isn’t much rain happening in the summer, people don’t think your windows can get that dirty, but don’t forget about the dry dust and dirt being blown around in the wind. When preparing your home for sale you’ll want to make sure your windows sparkle. Potential buyers will definitely notice smudgy windows. You will want to wash the windows inside and out.

sherwood park real estate,sherwood park real estate agents,windermere real estateSweep that Chimney
As the temperature falls you may want to start using that fireplace to keep warm and get that nice wood-burning smell in your home. But before you do this, you’ll want to make sure you clean that chimney. You can sweep it yourself to get those cob webs and dust out, but hiring a professional would be the best bet, as you’ll want that chimney to be perfect.


These are just a few tips to prepare your home for sale this fall for Windermere real estate. For more information contact your local Sherwood Park real estate agents, RE/MAX Elite, today!

When people are looking to list their home for sale they often overlook the improvements they can make to the exterior of the home and just focus on the interior. When people are looking at Edmonton Homes for Sale the exterior is the first thing they see when they pull up to your house, so making sure the exterior looks its best is very important. Here are some cost effective ways you can improve the exterior of your home.

Edmonton Homes for Sale,Sherwood park real estate agents,Homes for Sale in EdmontonClean the yard

One of the most effective and easiest things you can do to improve the exterior of your home, is keeping the yard clean and decluttered. This tip is the easiest and takes the least amount of time, but is very effective.


Lawn maintenance

Now that the yard is clean and clear of clutter, it’s time to do some landscaping. This doesn’t mean you need to invest hundreds of dollars into new plants, ornaments, etc. Even just by mowing the lawn, trimming trees or bushes, and cleaning up pathways can really spruce up the look of your yard.

Edmonton Homes for Sale,Sherwood park real estate agents,Homes for Sale in EdmontonRoof repairs

This one alludes a lot of people but is actually one of the most important. Your roof over time can take a lot of damage and cause leaks that can be very expensive to fix, especially if there is water damage in your home. Roof repairs can be pricey, but not if you do your research. Speak with Sherwood park real estate agents to see who they would recommend for fair pricing.

Upgrade the front door

You may be confused by this one, but the entrance to your home is actually quite important, as you want to make your guests feel warm and welcomed into your home. Replacing your front door or even just doing some minor upgrades is very cost effective. If you have a nice door but feel it just needs to be improved, replacing the door handle and lock, as well as painting it a nice accent color can really improve the entrance way.

There are many ways that you can improve the exterior of your home. So if you’re looking to improve your homes exterior, contact your expert Sherwood park real estate agents today!


When listing Edmonton homes for sale the first impression of your home is critical. When potential buyers pull up to your home, the exterior of the home really needs to wow them but that’s not all, the landscaping can make a huge impact on someone’s first impression of your home. Here are some great landscaping tips that can really help sell Edmonton homes for sale.

edmonton homes for sale,top edmonton realtors,north edmonton realtors,sherwood park real estate agentsA cozy patio

Let’s face it, everyone loves to spend time outdoors on their patio, so having an amazing outdoor space is going to be a huge selling feature. Having an updated modern patio is sure to catch any interested buyer’s eye, as they can imagine themselves spending time out there with family, or entertaining friends. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to do with your patio space, speak with the top Edmonton REALTORS® for help.

edmonton homes for sale,top edmonton realtors,north edmonton realtors,sherwood park real estate agentsThe landscaping needs to flow

When doing the landscaping on your property for the first time, or if you’re just upgrading, it is important to note that the design of the landscaping needs to flow well with your home. When choosing the colors you are going to work with (ie. Flowers, decorations, etc.) it is important that they match the colors of your home. When it comes to the decorations, make sure they also match the décor of your home. If you have a more modern looking home you are going to want to have modern decorations in your yard and garden. Ask your North Edmonton REALTORS® who they recommend for help with landscaping.

edmonton homes for sale,top edmonton realtors,north edmonton realtors,sherwood park real estate agentsKeep a healthy lawn

When people are looking at homes for sale in Edmonton, they are going to pay special attention to the yard, and especially the lawn itself. Having a gorgeous and lush lawn can really help sell your home. Prepare for the future by making sure you lawn has not dead spots, and when people are coming to view your home, make sure the lawn is mowed, trimmed, and raked.

edmonton homes for sale,top edmonton realtors,north edmonton realtors,sherwood park real estate agentsA warm and inviting fire pit

Living in a place such as Edmonton, having a nice warm fire pit in your yard can really boost the attention your home gets. During the cold nights, and the early spring and fall weather, a fire pit is a great place to spend with friends and family, and your potential buyers are sure to see that.

There are many ways that you can improve the landscaping and outdoor appeal of your home. So if you’re looking to improve your homes exterior, contact your expert Sherwood park real estate agents today!

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