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In such a technologically developed society, using digital devices to work smarter has become an essential part of an Edmonton real estate agent’s job description. The benefits that modern technology provides, allow agents to work from anywhere. Overall, this equates to better communication and quicker turnaround times. The advantages of technology to a REALTOR® are endless. As the digital world continues to evolve, we are constantly presented with new ways to better your experience as a buyer or seller. Follow along to learn more on how Edmonton real estate agents are using technology for the optimal customer experience.

Edmonton Real Estate Agents Are More Communicative.

Edmonton RealtorsThe last thing you want as a buyer or a seller is your agent to be unresponsive. In today’s day and age there’s no excuse for poor communication. With apps that allow cross-platform chatting, like social media, connecting with a customer is a breeze. Even through the brunt of the pandemic, software like Zoom emerged to ensure connectivity between customer and business owner. At RE/MAX Elite, our agents employ these digital tools to guarantee a client first experience. Through Email, text, and phone call, REALTORS® at our brokerage are able to get (and stay) in touch with you. Further to this, the RE/MAX Elite brokerage has implemented website text-to-chat which allows us to never miss your inquiries. We are all about staying on top of the latest changes in the digital world, so we can continue to foster a high industry standard. Great communication is at the core of our business model and technology is a key component in our success.

Marketing Has Never Been Better!

The days of a home going stale on the market are over. Through great marketing and proper use of social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, your home can be sold in no time. There are a variety of ways we can market your home for sale for a quick turnover. Social media is one of the ways we apply technology to reach a target audience. This then creates numerous leads specific to your property. Therefore, increasing your chances of finding a serious buyer.

Content marketing like SEO (search engine optimization) is another example of how we use tech to establish a connection with our audience. This form of writing makes it easier for users to find us in their Internet search. In turn, more traffic is generated to our website and more people will be looking at our listings. For the customer, this again translates into more leads and less time on the market.

Virtual tours and video are two other methods in which digital marketing is used by our brokerage to ensure your home is sold promptly. A virtual tour can be used to showcase your home to potential buyers from out of the area or as a way to draw them to your home for an in-person showing. Through video we can create tours, marketing videos, and other content specific to your listing for added traction.

Edmonton real estate agents are using technology to work more efficiently and effectively.

Edmonton Real Estate AgentsAt RE/MAX Elite, we value the importance of staying up to date with industry trends. It is through our close relationships with technology that we are able to guarantee the best customer service.

Contact us today, to see how we use technology to sell your home for sale promptly. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about a property in the area. Our team looks forward to helping you achieve your real estate goals. Check out our social media here for more information and latest updates!

Through real estate investing a person can make ample profit on their real estate investment. Edmonton Realtors know all about what makes a great investment, and all the ways in which you can make the greatest financial gain! If you’re a first time investor or simply looking to expand your portfolio, here are 5 different ways you can invest in real estate today!

Try a REIT.

One way to invest in real estate is by purchasing real estate investment trusts (REITs). Through an REIT, a person can channel their money into real estate without actually owning the physical property. Similar to a stock, they may be privately or publicly traded on an exchange. First time investors should be guided towards publicly traded REITs available for purchase through an online broker.

With the help of a REIT, a person can direct money into a property that wouldn’t normally be buyable without financial aid or great connections. For instance: malls, commercial office buildings, shopping centers etc. An REIT is a great option for those retired, as they are low maintenance and have high dividends. With a track record of success, even those with limited funding can buy into REITs. It should be noted that financial risk will increase or decrease depending on the type of REIT you purchase.

Real Estate Investment Groups.

A real estate investment group or REIG, is very similar to a REIT. If you want to invest in real estate, but aren’t keen on management and maintenance, REIGs are the way to go. Enjoy all the benefits of owning a property without the hassle of tenants and everything else that goes along with owning real estate.

When a company buys a property or develops a building, they will typically allow investors to purchase units within the building; thereby joining an REIG. Whoever owns the property will look after maintenance and tenants. Because of this, they take a cut of the rent paid. If a unit becomes vacant, many owners have plans in place to avoid turbulence and ensure revenue when a unit isn’t tenanted.

Edmonton Realtors Will Help You Find Rental Properties.

If you’d prefer to be the owner of the physical real estate, a rental property might be right for you. Alternative to REIGs and REITs, rental properties are much more participatory and require a great deal of time. Although you get to have full ownership of the property, it doesn’t come without hard work. As the sole proprietor, you must maintain the property, interview tenants, cover vacancies, deal with complaints, and much more. During slow months, it may be expensive to own this property type. However, there is potential for increased property value and a fairly steady income. Moreover, some of the costs associated with conducting rentals may be tax-deductible.

Flip a Home With Edmonton Realtors.

When it comes to flipping a home, investors look for a low valued property with the potential for a greater profit. It is a speculative investment that can quickly go south if the home is not finished and sold promptly. If the home does not get bought or completed, the owner will be left to pay another mortgage with no extra cash flow.

Renovating a home is a big process – especially when you’re in a time crunch. As a home flipper, the ideal turnaround time is six months. If you are an ex-construction worker or have worked in a similar occupation, your expertise will come in handy. Being able to accurately estimate cost and source materials at a reasonable price is essential in successfully flipping a home. Good design and marketing skills will also be of great use.

Short-Term Rentals.

Owning a property in a tourism rich city can be a gold-mine for short-term rentals. However, having several unknown guests can present issues. Be sure to take preventative measures and vet each visitor before accommodating their stay. It is also important to pay mind to guidelines and regulations surrounding short-term rentals in your area. Check with your Edmonton Realtor if you are unsure about the rules involved with conducting short-term rentals. This type of investment is a great way to make an additional income during peak tourism seasons.

Contact us at RE/MAX Elite today to learn more about real estate investing. Start building your investment portfolio today and contact one of our awesome Edmonton Realtors! We look forward to helping you make a profitable investment. Check out our Facebook for the latest updates and insider info!

Top Edmonton Realtors

Top Edmonton realtors understand that in order to be successful they have to position themselves as different. They also have to have the support of a great brand and brokerage behind them. Having local knowledge and experience is a key asset found with most top producing agents in any city, but especially in Edmonton. Above all, top performing real estate agents in Edmonton and Sherwood Park need to be stellar communicators. Let’s explore why these traits are key factors when it comes to deciding who is top and who is not.

Different, diverse and flexible

Edmonton real estate is a diverse industry. Not only are there a lot of agents with diverse backgrounds but there are also a lot of customers who are looking for diversity in their sales agents. Savvy customers who are trying to sell their home in any market know that their agent needs to market their home in order for it to sell. If they want to fetch top dollar and bring in good offers then their agent needs to work hard to separate their listing from everything else out there.

With real estate in Edmonton slowly on the rise over last year this is becoming more apparent. Customers are looking for top Edmonton Realtors to really show up with new and creative ideas. The market has shifted from in-person to online. As a result, there has never been more of a need for agents to have a great website. Agents who showcase property listings in Edmonton for sale with virtual tours, floor plans and video have far more success at moving property at above average days on market.

Brand recognition, support and training

Top Edmonton realtors have the support from a major brand like RE/MAX. It goes without saying that RE/MAX is one of the most globally recognized brands in real estate. The training and continuing education programs offered by RE/MAX are critical to a top producing agents success. Brands like RE/MAX are continually advising agents on everything from the latest technology to implement to how to be a better negotiator. The support of a major brand is integral to a good agent, and it should not be overlooked if you want to hire a top producing agent to sell your Edmonton home.

Local expertise

Knowing the city like the back of your hand is more than handy when it comes to selling real estate in Edmonton. Agents at RE/MAX Elite have a wide scope of expertise when it comes to knowing what neighbourhoods are hot and which ones are not. As such, our top performing real estate agents in Edmonton can properly price your Edmonton home, condo or farm for sale so that it sells quickly. Edmontonians list their homes in the hopes that they sell fast, ensuring your agent knows the area is a key factor in this equation. Selling shouldn’t be stressful for the customer, so make sure that your agent has done their due diligence not just on your property but also the neighbourhood in which you are listing.

Communication is key

Above all, when you are selling your Edmonton home you want a good communicator on your side. Staying in touch with your REALTOR® will help to keep stress at bay. Your agent should definitely have you on speed dial, email and text once the showings begin. This will help to expedite the home selling process. Establishing clear communication parameters is key to maintaining a great working relationship. If you prefer text messaging and your agent is a phone only kind of agent then you will need to define your plan for staying in touch.

When you sit down to interview agents for the job make sure that you quiz them on their communication skills. We advise sellers to attempt to get in touch with an agent by the method they prefer to use for communication. If you send a text message to an agent who has texting enabled through their website – how long do they take to respond? How thorough was the response? How clear was the response? Remember, the agent will be representing the sale of your home. It’s up to you to decide how professional, timely and engaging they are.

If you’ve been considering a jump into the Edmonton real estate market then browse through some of the top Edmonton realtors here. We have a knowledgeable team committed to producing great results for their customers. We would love to work with you to achieve your real estate goals in Alberta!


Note: The registered titles of REALTOR® and REALTORS® has been adjusted throughout the content of this article for SEO purposes only. 

As we head into spring, Sherwood Park real estate agents are getting excited about helping you find the perfect home for your whole family! There are so many perks to living in this wonderful community and our brokerage is here to share some of our favourite things Sherwood Park has to offer.

If you are in need of a close commute to Edmonton but are still looking for the suburban dream, Sherwood Park is for you. The close knit community is great for families new and old. Only half an hour outside of the big city, Sherwood Park is a safe and clean neighbourhood – which is awesome for kids of all ages.

This community has many schools and parks available for children to create long-lasting friendships, while you can too! At approximately 70,000 residents, this community resists the urge to be named a city. Sherwood Park is one of the fastest growing communities in Alberta, making it a top spot to settle into.

Sherwood Park is home to many residents, including a variety of horses and other wildlife. For this reason, it is an ecologically protected area. There are also many activities to be done when you live in this wonderful neighbourhood. Enjoy archery and channel your inner Robin Hood or take a stroll through the luscious greenery. You may also indulge in the winery located within the community. Named after owners Amy and Rick Barr, Barr Estate Winery will satisfy all of your vineyard cravings. Their locally sourced and house made products are sure to impress.

Sherwood Park Real Estate Agents

This lovely neighbourhood has so much to offer and we hope that we can help your family find the perfect home. Make 2021 yours with a new address to call home. Contact one of our amazing Sherwood Park real estate agents today to learn more about this enticing community!

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