Wendy Theberge


Wendy Theberge

You know when you are thinking about doing something and somehow the universe listens and suddenly an opportunity presents itself?

I went to sign a listing contract with a client and ended up signing on to help out at Ronald McDonald House. This is a magical place with a simple mission to help families who have no choice but to move to Edmonton to be close to medical care for their sick kids. You can’t help but be drawn into the spirit of this House and the people whose sole purpose is to lighten a family’s often unbearable load. Being a mom with two healthy adult daughters made me realize I could spare a few hours to spearhead a group of like-minded people to commit to making a few dinners every year.

When you just want to be by your child’s side … you are constantly juggling the need to eat and feed your family. We offer a simple homecooked meal after long days at the hospital. What a privilege to be in a position to give back just a little!

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