When Will My Home Sell?

when will my home sell edmontonThe days your Edmonton home will sit on the real estate market comes down to a few core things even though every house is unique.  Some Edmonton homes sell within hours of listing on the real estate market, some take months to sell, and some never sell at all.

There are three primary reasons why a home will not sell.

  • It is in poor condition.
  • The house is priced too high.
  • There exists a poor housing market.

Your RE/MAX Elite real estate agent can help you to price your home right out of the gates to avoid a long, drawn out process. If you are serious about selling and not just testing the waters you will want to listen to your real estate agent’s advice. They know the local market and are very experienced in knowing what the market can tolerate. They are also backed by research, and statistics from the RE/MAX brand to ensure that your home does not sit in listing inventory for too long thus becoming stale.

If your property isn’t sold within 30 days, a price adjustment should be considered!

Percentage of Homes Sold within:

  • 1 Month 40%
  • 2 Months 7%
  • 3 Months 7%
  • 4 Months 20%
  • 5 Months 10%
  • 6 Months 7%
  • 7 Months 9%

Statistics are based on National average of homes sold.

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