Jenny provided excellent services

Jenny provided excellent services. Her professionalism and her patience exceeded our expectations. She was the best REALTOR® we have ever had. It was a great pleasure to work with her and we would not hesitate to ask for her assistance in the future and recommend her to our friends.

Our experience with Jenny can never be topped

Jenny is an absolutely amazing sales agent, and our experience with her will never be forgotten. My husband and I have always been looking outside of the city to purchase, and although Jenny works in Edmonton, she was willing to travel, numerous times, to our prospective home(s) (Both homes we were interested in were between 1 to 2 hours North of Edmonton… but we never heard a complaint form Jenny) She even came to our home inspection; which impressed us even more! Although our first attempt to purchase a home fell through, Jenny was behind us all the way. She never gave up and did everything she could to make the process of buying our first home go smoothly. She was extremely informative and patient with ALL our questions. She was always available by phone, and answered every question we had. Most importantly, she treated us with respect and helped kept us sane through the entire process.

Our experience with Jenny can never be topped. We found everything we needed and more in her service and expertise. We will NEVER use anyone else or our real estate needs as long as Jenny is in the business.

She makes home buying fun, exciting, quick and stress free.

Nancy and I were delighted to have Jenny work for us in searching for and purchasing a new home. She targeted the right type of homes that fit our budget, and we were able to land a new home within just 15 days! Edmonton us such a hot, crazy market, and it was great that we were able to get the home we wanted for the price we wanted. We owe everything to Jenny for her hard and dedicated work, and we would highly recommend her services to anyone in search for a new home. She makes home buying fun, exciting, quick and stress free.

Jenny, you are a first class professional

Please consider this letter an attempt to inform those considering your services as a real estate agent that they couldn’t make a better choice than to have you on their side. From the minute you first came into my home, I sensed a caring, honorable REALTOR® whose top priority was to sell, not just list a piece of property. Through the entire period, from the moment I signed the listing agreement to the phone call telling me that the sale came to a successful conclusion, you were committed to ensuring a seamless and worry free transaction. You were also terrific at follow through on all details including prompting all parties, when necessary, and you managed to do it with the highest level of professionalism.

Your consummate thoroughness was demonstrated repeatedly as you eventually became involved in the purchase and sale of six additional residential properties over the past two years. Your work ethic was exemplary, above and beyond what could or should have been expected. As I have stated in the past, the manner in which you handled each transaction was with a level of competence and understanding that are typically found only in the most experienced and knowledgeable real estate agents.

Jenny, you are a first class professional. With each and every transaction, you continued to impress. I have no hesitation in highly recommending you to any and all prospective buyers and sellers.