4 reasons why your home is not selling

Selling real estate can sometimes be stressful especially if your home isn’t selling. There may actually be reasons for why your home specifically isn’t getting the interest it deserves, and you can always rely on your top Edmonton REALTORS® to help with this, but here are some tips to remember when your home isn’t selling.

Sherwood Park Real Estate Agents,Top Edmonton Realtors,Edmonton Homes for SaleClutter

This one is huge when it comes to selling your home and can really make or break a deal. When any room, hallway, entrance way, etc is cluttered with too much furniture, artwork, or clothing, it can make the room and the entire house seem smaller. Try to keep the clutter to a minimum so that you can really show off how roomy the home can be.

Candles Burning

There are many ways to get a nice inviting scent in your home when doing a showing, but the smell of burning candles is not one of them. Some people worry that their home has pet odous or a powerful cleaning odor, so they try to mask it with candles. This can actually have a negative effect as all those smells combined, make for a nasty combination.

Using something like a diffuser is a much better option as you only get the smell of the oils, and nothing burning.

Sherwood Park Real Estate Agents,Top Edmonton Realtors,Edmonton Homes for SalePets

As per above, the smell of any pet can turn someone off, but the pet being present during a showing can do that as well. Some people may not be animal people, or are afraid of them and will just want to get out of the house. Even people who love pets may be a little annoyed as they want to see the house and hear about the house, without getting distracted by your pet.

Closed blinds or drapes

When people are viewing each room of the house they are going to want to see the view from each of the windows. If you keep the blinds or drapes closed, the viewer doesn’t get a first glance of the view from the window, and may think the room looks more like a cave, than a place to feel comfortable.

In conclusion, first impressions are very important when it comes to trying to sell your home, and you’re only going to get that one chance to really wow the viewer. These are just a few of the things keep in mind when selling Edmonton homes for sale. If you’re looking to invest or looking for Sherwood Park Real Estate Agents and for more information, contact RE/MAX Elite today!