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Sherwood Park Houses Near Schools!

Continuing on with the schooling content, this month we will be focusing on the high schools near Sherwood Park houses. Attending a high school that’s close to home allows students to foster lifelong friendships. Moreover, it makes school more convenient for kids and parents alike. Enrolling your child in a school close to home is a great way to ensure you get a little more sleep-in-time. Sherwood Park houses are close to several awesome high schools. Continue reading below to figure out where to send your child when you move to this lovely area of town.

High Schools Near Sherwood Park Houses.

Bev Facey Community High

Bev Facey Community High is a 10-12 school, located on Colwill Boulevard in Sherwood Park. This school is a close 6-minute drive from the Sherwood Park Mall. Operated by Principal Ken Wlos, the school has been in operation for 41 years as of 2021! There are approximately 1050 students in attendance at Bev Facey each year. Furthermore, this institution is known for its excellence in athletics, fine arts, academics, and Career Technology programs. In addition, students have the option to choose AP classes, a variety of sports programs (including the high-performing advisory program), second languages courses, trades courses, and independent study courses.

The athletics department at the school is extensive. Bev Facey offers teams in 11 sports including archery, badminton, basketball, cross country, curling, football, handball, powerlifting, rugby, track and field, and volleyball. 

Salisbury Composite High

Salisbury Composite High can be found on Festival Way, a 3-minutes drive from the Sherwood Park Mall. The school is run by Principal Sunny Sandhu and is home to about 1200 students. Kids in grades 10-12 are taught at Salisbury Composite High. Additionally, this high school has several amenities like 2 gymnasiums equipped to seat 900 people, a theatre that accommodates 110 people, 3 science labs, a commercial kitchen, and more! Students can choose to enroll in a variety of programs. For instance, honours, international baccalaureate, leadership, fine arts, and athletics.

The sports offered at the school include: badminton, basketball, rugby, volleyball, football, cheerleading, handball, curling, cross country, and track and field. All of the teams compete in division 1 and have experienced tons of success over the years. For example, the school has won 30 ASAA Provincial Titles and 158 Metro City Championships! For more info on their athletics program click here.

More High Schools in the Area!

Strathcona Christian Academy Secondary

Strathcona Christian Academy Secondary is a 7-12 school located on Clover Bar Road in Sherwood Park. The principal’s name is Matt Spronk and the school offers a religious learning curriculum. Their philosophy is to “[learn] and [develop] God-given capabilities and talents”. As such, the school provides daily bible reading and prayer sessions. And, a structured chapel program. Strathcona Christian Academy Secondary also has a multitude of athletic and academic programs. SCAS Eagles do very well in volleyball, bringing home 4 championship teams in 2019. Their academic programs range from second language courses to fashion study and leadership training!

Next Step Senior High – Sherwood Park

Next Step Senior High is a non-traditional high school (10-12) that offers education to a variety of groups of people. Next Step has several other schools in the district to ensure everyone gets their diploma. NXT opened in 1997 to support the students in the Elk Island Public school district. Students can enroll here for the following reasons:

students who want to or have been recommended to attend

students who need only a few more courses to graduate

students who can’t attend full-time because of work, fine arts, or sports

students who have failed or had difficulty in high school or have dropped out

pregnant and parenting teens

students who struggle with substance abuse, criminal activity and/or sexual abuse

students who have been bullied or are challenged by large classes and crowded schools

students coping with mental or physical health issues

students who have religious and cultural norms that regular schools do not accommodate

At Next Step Senior High, students can complete their high school education how they see fit. It allows students to have maximum flexibility and aid with their courses. For more information on this school, click here.

Buy Sherwood Park Houses Today!

High School is an important rite of passage for students across the globe. Find the perfect school for your student here in Sherwood Park. Be sure to visit the Elk Island Public School website here for additional schooling information. 

Join us again next month for more information on post-secondary schools near Sherwood Park houses. If you are interested in buying a home in this area contact us today. We’d be happy to help you discover the perfect home for your family. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you soon!

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