What your North Edmonton Realtors should be doing for you

North Edmonton Realtors have an obligation to do everything they can, and utilize every tool in their arsenal to sell your home. As the home owner you need to be sure that your agent is doing that, as you are putting your trust and your home in their hands. Here is a list of just a few things North Edmonton Realtors should be doing for you.

North Edmonton RealtorsA Proper Home Evaluation

Doing a proper home evaluation and pricing your home on the market correctly is one of the most important things your realtor should be doing for you. When listing real estate some agents will take the easy way out and just price the home to whatever the seller wants, but a good realtor will use all of their knowledge of the industry to make sure your home is priced correctly.


Another very important thing your agent should be doing is marketing your home to the best of their abilities. Make sure that your agent is taking great photographs of your home, and editing them to look the best they can. We can’t expect every agent to be a professional photographer, so if you’re not happy with the agents photos express that to them, and ask that they hire a professional.

Also make sure that your agent has added your listing everywhere on the internet. The listing should be showing up on realtor.ca, their website, their brokerage’s website, and all over their social media. Most people looking for real estate in Edmonton are going to be using the internet, so those places are key to selling your home.

North Edmonton RealtorsStrong Communication

Unfortunately there are some agents out there that will take on a client, and barely speak with them throughout the home selling process. As you have hired them to represent you in selling your home, you have a right to know everything that is going on. Do this by making sure your agent is communicating with you regularly about everything, especially any feedback they have received regarding your home and any potential sales related to real estate in Edmonton.

North Edmonton RealtorsNegotiating

The best realtors should always be fighting for you, and get you the best terms and conditions they can. An exceptional agent will never think about themselves and their commission, they will only have you and your best interests in mind. It is always best when researching an agent to make sure they don’t NEED the sale, as they will only be thinking about what they’re getting out of it, and as fast as they can get it.

North Edmonton RealtorsAfter the sale

Even after closing the deal your real estate agent should always been there for you. Whether you have questions about property tax, transfer tax, or anything else that comes with purchasing a new home, your agent should always going to be there to help you in any way you need.

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