To Whom It May Concern: Re: Gilford Whyte I am very pleased to have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for Gil Whyte. I am proud to call Gil a close friend for over twelve years. I have had an opportunity for both personal interactions and business dealings. From a business perspective, I found our transaction to be truly refreshing. As we started to discuss the deal, he was insightful and honest throughout the negotiation. He was knowledgeable and clearly explained financial aspects and how it would affect us. He worked hard to ensure that delivery occurred on time and he was there to make sure all came off without a hitch. Although he was in acting in a sales capacity, it was clear that he was more interested to ensure it was the right fit for my family than any commission. Gil and his family have become close friends. His character is clear. He is honest and straightforward with all those that he meets. He has a tremendous amount of energy and his zest for life is obvious. And foremost, his love for his wife and children are paramount. I am pleased to endorse Gil. I am confident that he will be successful as a Re/max agent and look forward to many opportunities to refer friends and family so that Gil can represent them. Yours truly, Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP Chartered Accountants Robert M. Heron, CA, CFP Partner

Robert Heron