Purchase of New Home

To whom it may concern, My wife and I feel compelled to write this letter of thanks. We were trying to purchase our first house. We spent months looking at Comfree” properties and scouring the MLS. We met at least 20 REALTORS® who seemed to be more concerned about selling their listing than finding us the home we wanted. Barbara, my wife met Gil Whyte at a fund raiser for the Stollery Children’s Hospital and to quote her I feel comfortable with Gil”. He made an appointment and came to our apartment. He inquired about our needs and included the children. He introduced us to a Mortgage Broker who got us an approval for more than our bank did and at a rate below our banks. Within a week he showed us three houses that met our needs in the area we wanted to live. He negotiated on our behalf and not only got us the home we wanted but at a fantastic price. Mr. Whyte helped with the home inspection and made sure we were protected from all angles. His follow -up has been nothing short of amazing. He is still helping us with some contract work we wanted to have done. It is truly refreshing to see that there are some commission sales people who have a genuine interest in their customers. He made the horrendous task of house shopping seamless and enjoyable. I recommend Gil Whyte to all my friends and family. Sincerely, George and Barbara Campbell

George and Barbara Campbell