My wife & I had actually been searching for a year or more for a new home before meeting Dwayne. We had enjoyed living in St. Albert for 23 years, but now needed something a little smaller/easier to maintain. I was given Dwayne’s name from a business associate who had bought & sold revenue properties with him in the past. Dwayne helped us sort out the process of selling our home & buying another. We weren’t sure whether to buy first, then sell or vice versa. We had been good about maintaining our home over the years, so we didn’t have much updating to do to prepare for sale, but Dwayne did suggest some staging in order to appeal to the masses. He sent over a design consultant & by the end of the day, we were reconsidering selling, our home looked so good! We didn’t look long before finding the perfect bungalow, I think 6 or so. It’s completely finished, in a great location (thank you Dwayne for enlightening us on the importance of location for resale value) & just the right size for us. The 220 in the garage didn’t hurt either.. So, we have no complaints. He took our concerns seriously & listened. Our home sold in 27 days & the move-in dates worked out perfectly. We found out afterward that Dwayne discounted his selling commission on our sale because we bought through him. Ask us how happy we were to hear that… We’ll be recommending Dwayne & Gwen to anyone willing to listen. At home in our new home, Mr. Wendt – Donsdale

Mr. Wendt