It’s great to be settled into our new home.After so many years in one place, it was quite an undertaking for us to ‘take the plunge’ and begin our search for a house we could call our own. Being a little out of touch with current market prices and prime areas etc., we weren’t quite sure where to begin.I had dropped by to see a friend and found she had her house for sale – listed with MIKE and MARNIE of the Sutton group. It caught my interest so we arranged a meeting to have a look, hence our introduction to Mike. This began our ‘realty relationship’. I think Sandy and I hit it off instantly with Mike. We both found him very pleasant, accommodating, and in general, just a great guy to know. As it turned out, that house wasn’t the one for us, but the search was just beginning.Mike set us up with a link to their web page, which allowed us to browse the housing market at our leisure and get a better feel for what we were after. We had a pretty broad scope at this time, not sure just what we were looking for.Soon after we were introduced to Marnie. Like Mike, it was a pleasure to meet and get to know her. We soon noticed how well they worked together as a team, or individually. We looked at house after house, feeding input back to them which helped them understand the features we preferred. They were so easy to communicate with, always appreciating our thoughts and feelings.It seemed we were dragging them through a long drawn out process but they were both always there for us, always looking out for our best interests and never letting us down when we wanted to go ‘check out another one’. They really made it a lot of fun, reassuring us that when the right one comes along, we’ll know it. And it did! After all their patience, we found the house we wanted to call home. They were very professional in explaining the mortgage details and assisting us with the negotiation process to reach a price we were happy with. They really made the whole procedure – effortless!Sandy and I would like to thank them both for the kindness and patience that went along with their quality, reliable service. They both have, and will continue to be, highly recommended by us,

Rob & Sandy Mundy