Honest, straight forward and good at what she does!

I wanted to share our experience with Trina as I think it is important to support people who do good work, and so others out there looking for a good REALTOR® can get the information they need to make their decision. We approached Trina Hodges to sell our house last year (January 2015). We were interviewing three REALTORS® to find the best one for the job. Surprisingly, some REALTORS® did not like that, but Trina was comfortable with that and I suspect would do the same thing if she was in our position. We picked Trina’s flyer out of the rest as one to look at, not because she said she was No. 1, but because she backed it up with stats. A lot of agents claimed to be number 1, but did not present any evidence of it, so just marketing talk. When Trina came to our house she was respectful, comfortable, flexible and competent. We were planning to go south for the winter and wanted to have a REALTOR® in place, so that when we got back we could get the process moving quickly. She saw the potential in our home and evaluated it. She came back with information and comparables that related to our area and our type of house and grouped the info, so that we were comparing apples to apples. We had another REALTOR® who put a package together that seemed thrown together and padded with houses that were not even good comparables. We also found out later, Trina also had the best handle on the value of the house, which held true when we sold the house compared to the other REALTOR® who would have undersold our house by $25,000. At this point we chose Trina hands down. We asked Trina if we should put our home on the market earlier because of the downturn in the oil industry, and she came back with good information to help us make that decision. We put it on early and that turned out to be the right decision as well. We had an offer on the table within a week at full asking price! What more could you want. We told our neighbours and friends and later heard that one neighbour up the road used Trina and they sold within a week. We recommend Trina because she is honest, straight forward and good at what she does. Thx Trina.

Paula M.